Top 10 Best Perfumes For Indian Brides

Perfume is a necessary part of a bride’s trousseau as she needs to smell wonderful all day long, on all the events of the wedding and later too. She needs a fragrance that is delicate but lasting so that the effect stays on through the most important days of her life.

Here are the top 10 best perfumes for Indian bride:
perfumes for Indian bride

  1. Burberry Classic Eau De Parfum
    If you are an Indian bride keen on having a complete collection of fragrances, then be sure that you pick up Burberry Classic Eau De Parfum, which has the best of fruity, woody and floral fragrances. The aromas that are combines to make the seductive perfume are sandal, vanilla, jasmine and cedar. You will have to shell Rs 3300 for this perfume.
  2. Provocative Woman By Elizabeth Arden
    Provocative Woman By Elizabeth Arden is a perfume par excellence, something that every bride looks for as it is alluring as well as sensuous. White musk, sandalwood and amber make it this way. The price of Provocative Woman By Elizabeth Arden is Rs 2850.
  3. Euphoria by Calvin Klein
    The next name on the list of best perfumes for Indian bride is that of Euphoria by Calvin Klein, a fresh and tantalizing blend of lotus, orchid and pomegranate. The fragrance is on the stronger side but makes you a woman of substance. Coming from a renowned brand, it is priced at Rs 4875.
  4. Pleats Please L’eau By Issey Miyake
    Pleats Please L’eau By Issey Miyake is another perfume which has garnered a fair share of popularity amongst Indian brides because of its matchless aroma, blending pink pepper, wild rose, cedar, patchouli, Bulgarian rose and neroli. All these ingredients give this perfume a lasting power to stay. The fun fragrance is priced at Rs 3416 but worth the price.
  5. Nina L’ Elixir by Nina Ricci
    Another popular perfume that Indian brides love to have is Nina L’ Elixir by Nina Ricci, which features the charming fragrances of jasmine, lemon, musk and berries. This one makes a great wear for casual as well as formal appearances of the bride. Another high end brand, the perfume comes for Rs 2760.
  6. Versace Bright Crystal Perfume
    Versace, a top selling international brand offers this fabulous perfume called Versace Bright Crystal Perfume, which has taken the Indian market by storm. It is a great choice for women fond of fruity, musky and floral perfumes as this one is enriched with fragrances of musk, mahogany, magnolia, Plant amber and pomegranate. It can be bought for Rs 3499.
  7. Burberry Weekend Eau de Parfum
    Burberry Weekend Eau de Parfum comes up as one of the top choices for the Indian bride because of its amazing fragrance and lasting staying power. It combines the refreshing aromas of iris, wild rose, hyacinth and peach blossom, which are enough of entice your special one with their magical effect. The perfume is priced at Rs 3280 but is absolutely worth it.
  8. Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose
    Featuring next on the list of top 10 best perfume brands for Indian brides is Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose, which carries a fresh and unique fragrance combining woody, floral and musky notes. Wearing this oceanic perfume keeps you fresh and confident through the day as you smell and feel good. For best results, apply it on moisturized skin and steal the show. Coming from a high end brand, this one is priced dearly at Rs 4300.
  9. Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Body Mist
    Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Body Mist is a perfume that every Indian bride loves as it enables her to rule the heart of her loved with an exotic and sensuous aroma that lasts all day long. This perfume is a unique combination of fragrances, featuring ylang ylang, apple blossom and chamomile. The price is affordable too, as you have to shell out only Rs 810 to buy this one.
  10. L’Air Du Temps By Nina Ricci
    L’Air Du Temps By Nina Ricci is one of the hot sellers during the Indian wedding season because this is something that every bride would love to add to her vanity collection. Sandalwood, iris, jasmine, rose and carnation are the fragrances which come together to make this classic perfume. It keeps you smelling fresh and wonderful during your wedding shopping spree. The price of this perfume is Rs 2640.

These are the most charming fragrances which an Indian bride would love to stock up for her perfume collection.