Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners in India with price

Straight hair is something that every woman with curly or wavy locks covets and she is ready to invest a hefty sum for salon treatments. However, a hair straightener is a smart appliance which can help her get smooth, straight hair right at home. A number of brands have launched this appliance in India and they are in high demand these days.

Here is a list of top 10 best hair straighteners in India with price:

  1. Remington S1051 E51 Sleek and Curl Hair Straightener
    Remington S1051 E51 Sleek and Curl Hair Straightener is a bestselling hair care appliance in India and is one of the most preferred ones amongst professional stylists. It can be used for dual purpose, both straightening and curling the gair, which makes it a versatile product. It is priced at Rs 1935.
  2. GHD MK4 IV Hair Straightener
    GHD MK4 IV Hair Straightener is another hair straightener that gives a good shine to your hair besides making it straight. It is a little pricey but worth the deal because of the amazing results it gives. You will have to shell out between Rs 4000 and Rs 6000 to own it.
  3. Philips Kerashine HP8316/00 Hair Straigthener
    The next name in the list of 10 best hair straighteners in India is that of Philips Kerashine HP8316/00 Hair Straigthener, a ceramic coated and keratin infused appliance which give natural smoothness and shine to your hair and also makes it stronger and healthier. It also leaves the hair manageable and untangled. The best price is Rs 1779.
  4. Philips Kerashine HP8317/00 Hair Straigthener
    Once again, Philips brings another appreciated hair straightener in India called Philips Kerashine HP8317/00 Hair Straigthener. This one too gives straighter, stronger and healthier hair because it uses the innovative ionic technology and has jojoba oil and keratin coating. You can buy this one for Rs 2099.
  5. Philips HP 8339 Hair Straightener
    Philips seems to dominate the list with the next one Philips HP 8339 Hair Straightener also coming from the same brand. The dual core plates give effective and damage free results because they supply constant heat for styling your hair. It also adds shine and gloss to hair without compromising with its health. The price is Rs 2995.
  6. Philips SalonStraight Active ION
    Philips SalonStraight Active ION, a high quality styling iron, is another hot favorite amongst Indian women. Its special features include temperature control, ceramic plates and plate locks. Straight smooth hair in 10 minutes is a promise you get if you buy Philips SalonStraight Active ION. The price is reasonable too, with Rs 1659 being the best price.
  7. Philips HP8309/00 Hair Straightener
    Yet another acclaimed hair straightener from the brand of Philips is Philips HP8309/00 Hair Straightener, which gives straight and smooth hair in minutes. Even distribution of heat through its ceramic plates gives best results without damaging the hair. A high temperature of 210 degrees helps it give salon like hair. The price is affordable too, only at Rs 1099.
  8. Panasonic EH-HW17P Hair Straightener (Pink)
    Featuring next on the list of top 10 best hair straighteners in India is Panasonic EH-HW17P Hair Straightener (Pink), which has special ceramic coated plates that give your hair perfect smooth texture with damaging them with heat. It has temperature regulation settings and is effective on even the curliest of hair. It offers ultimate comfort in straight hair styling, all for a price of Rs 1450.
  9. BaByliss Hair Straightener
    BaByliss Hair Straightener is a well appreciated product which flattens unruly hair strands in minutes. It is crafted with ceramic intense plates which give professional results. There is a heat resistant LED screen on the appliance and it has five temperature settings for different needs. The price of BaByliss Hair Straightener is Rs 2995.
  10. Remington S2002 Hair Straightener
    Remington S2002 Hair Straightener

One of the best selling hair straighteners in the Indian market is Remington S2002 Hair Straightener, which glides easily through the hair to make it smooth and silky. It has slim plates which ensure that the straightening results are flawless and there is a temperature regulator in it to suit diverse hair types. The product can be bought for Rs 1349, which is an economical price.

Get the beautiful, straight and smooth hair you have always wanted with one of these hair straighteners.