Top 10 Best Perfumes for Indian Women

Perfumes have become a part of life, and one has been using is since ages. The women in earlier days used it seduce men and impress them. But today it has taken a troll and is used for self-purpose and is far more than just a simple beauty product.

Today there are varieties of perfumes found in the market of different ranges and with this wide diversity, it becomes really difficult for one to choose to a perfume, which suits the personality. It has become a trademark and also describes the personality of one.

With this wide range found in market it becomes really difficult to select one, so to solve that problem of yours, mentioned below are the top 10 perfumes, which suits every kind of personality and trust, once you use it, you will fall in love with it. Here are the top 10 best perfumes for women:


  1. LE PARFUM By Elie Saab

It has flowery oriental aroma. The fragrance of rose honey and orange blossoms stamp the mark of the Elie Saab scent. It has a refreshing smell, which lasts for long.

  1. ROMANCE By Ralph Lauren

A perfume best for the occasion when you are with your man as its fragrance pictures the feeling of love since eternity. It is a perfect perfume, which is blended with woods, flowers, and musk.

  1. CHLOE NEW By Chloe

This is the kind of perfume, which is usually preferred by young girls. Can be worn at a date night, as the smell has an innocent touch yet gives a sexy impression.

  1. BLACK ORCHID by Tom Ford

With its unique seductive smell, the perfume is preferred by a lot of women. The bottle has a class, and alpha females can use it, as it has a strong smell, which portrays individuality.


This perfume comes in a sexy bottle and adds on to your class without a doubt. The perfume is dazzling with the crystalline fragrance of lilies. It is depicted as the aroma of a new and blooming lily. It can be used at all the occasions and has a lasting effect.

  1. COOL WATERS By Davidoff

A perfume for all occasion. It gives a very fresh and long-lasting smell. One can never get over with the cool water smell. It is refreshing and can be worn for any occasion at day or night.

  1. LOVELY BY Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely comes in an elegant bottle and is feminine. The perfume is made with rosewood, apple martini, and Lavender. The perfume has a musky smell and is best when worn in the evening or when you are going out with your man.

  1. BOMBSHELL By Victoria Secret

A pretty little bottle, which will make you fall in love with it. Victoria Secrets’s Bombshell is a must have for all the girlies out there. The perfume is a mixture of fruity smell with a hint of Vanilla orchid and Shangri-la yellow peony.


The perfume is made with roses, and is one of the best perfumes for all the ladies, who love the smell of roses. It is one of the most preferred perfumes by women of all ages as it is sensual, calm and gives a very fresh feeling. This perfume can be applied at any hour of the day and will last for long giving a very fresh feel.

  1. MISS DIOR By Christian Dior

Miss Dior undoubtedly tops the list. It has a sensual smell and mainly created for the elegant women out there, blended with the Italian Mandarin, Egyptian Jasmine, and Patchouli, it gives a fresh feeling with a hint of a fruity smell and is sure to turn heads.